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Subject:      SCI-LIST avvisi: 2nd European Students Conference on Physical,
              Organic and   Polymer Chemistry.

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From: Maria Cristina Cassani <>
Subject: 2nd European Students Conference on Physical, Organic and
  Polymer Chemistry.
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Vi prego di annunciare questa iniziativa rivolta ai Giovani Chimici Europei.
Molti cordiali saluti
Dr.ssa Maria Cristina Cassani
Coordinatore Protmpore Gruppo Giovani

Dynea organizes, in co-operation with the Institutes of Organic Chemistry
and Physical Chemistry of the University of Vienna, the 2nd European
Students Conference on Physical, Organic and Polymer Chemistry.
With this conference we want to bring both academic and industrial research
and researchers together by giving students the opportunity to present and
discuss results of their scientific work with people from industry and
university in a relaxed atmosphere.
We would like to ask you if the SCI could promote this conference (e.g.
advertisement on your homepage, distribute this information to the
different divisions and inter-division groups, contact Italian students and
professors). We could thank your society by putting your logo on our
homepage and giving your student members a *10 discount on the conference fee.
If you are interested in this offer or you think that this event is of
general interest for you and your society, please contact me.
Therefore, we kindly ask you to promote our conference amongst your diploma
and Ph.D. students.
The conference will take place in Vienna from 15th till 17th September,
2004. Participants should be diploma or Ph.D. students and are expected to
present a poster or a short lecture. The participant fee is kept low at 75
Euro (excluding housing and travel expenses). The conference language is
English. For detailed information please see the attached poster, as well
as our homepage:
On this homepage you can also find some information on the last years
successful conference and moreover the abstracts are available as free
If you have any questions, please don' t hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to see some Italian graduate students in Vienna!

With kind regards from Austria,

Dr. Robert A. Wagner

Application Manager

Paper Impregnation Resins

Dynea Austria GmbH

phone: +43/(0) 2732 899 1136

mobile: +43/(0) 664 221 6234

fax: +43/(0) 2732 899 44136


Dr. Maria Cristina Cassani, PhD, European Union Marie Curie Fellow

Dipartimento di Chimica Fisica ed Inorganica,
Universitý degli Studi di Bologna
Viale Risorgimento, 4 - 40136 Bologna, Italy
tel ++39-051-2093700
fax ++39-051-2093690
personal Web page


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