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Subject:      SCI-list Avvisi: Modern Trends in Activation Analysis - Call for

Questo messaggio vi giunge dalla Lista di Posta elettronica della Societa' Chimica Italiana, cui risultate iscritti; la lista di posta "SCI-list avvisi" e' dedicata alla spedizione di messaggi ufficiali della SCI e delle sue divisioni o ad avvisi di congressi, seminari, etc.; e' aperta ai soli soci.
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Dear Colleague,
     We are greatly encouraged by the number of registrations and
abstracts we have received  so far for MTAA11, but we would like to
remind you of the rapidly approaching deadline of December 1st for the
receipt of abstracts.
     Please would you also pass this reminder on to other colleagues who
may need a little extra encouragement!

Yours Sincerely,

MTAA11 National Organizing Committee
( <>)


P. Gamma (1), S.L. Nuclide(1) and L.L. Isotope(2)

(1) Radioisotope Centre, Queens Park, Guildford, Surrey, GU22 7HH,
UK, (
(2) Department of Radiation Physics, University of Dartford,
Dartford, Kent, T12 8GG, UK

The length should be no more than 300 words (text only), in English,
and not to contain any figures or tables. Use single line spacing for
the text. List all authors, underline the presenter and provide all
addresses for all authors and the email address of the presenter.

Submission for:  oral / poster / either


Anyone wishing to present a paper at MTAA11 is required to submit an
Abstract of not more than 300 words. The completed Abstract should be
submitted electronically (as an attachment) to the MTAA11 Programme
Committee via

Authors are urged to download and use the Abstract Format file in MS
Word in compliance with the user instructions provided.

FILE FORMAT: MS Word, if available, AND Rich Text Format (RTF). RTF
can be selected by going to 'Save As...' and selecting RTF under
'Save As Type:'

FONT: Arial, Times New Roman.

TITLE: centered, bold and capital letters.

AUTHORS: centered and presenter underlined.

ADDRESSES: including the email address of the presenter.

ABSTRACT: fully justified and no more than 300 words.

The selection of papers is based exclusively on the evaluation of the
Abstract and authors should therefore make every effort to ensure
that the most pertinent information is included.

Unless otherwise indicated we will assume that you will accept either
an oral or a poster presentation. The choice between the two will be
made by the Programme Committee on the basis of general versus
specific areas of interest within the themes of the conference.

                  Date for Abstract Submission is no later than 1st
December 2003

                      Notice of acceptance of papers will be made in
January 2004.


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