From: "Brigitte Van Tiggelen (by way of Societa' Chimica Italiana by way of Claudio Della Volpe)" Subject: SCI-list avvisi: Public Images of Chemistry - Meeting in Paris To: SCI-LIST@LIST.CINECA.IT Questo messaggio vi giunge dalla Lista di Posta elettronica della Societa' Chimica Italiana, cui risultate iscritti; la lista di posta "SCI-list avvisi" e' dedicata alla spedizione di messaggi ufficiali della SCI e delle sue divisioni o ad avvisi di congressi, seminari, etc.; e' aperta ai soli soci. Per ulteriori informazioni collegatevi alla pagina: *************************************************** Ai Soci da parte del Presidente della SCI Prof. G. Natile Dear Madam, dear Sir, Chemophobia and prejudice against chemistry is what you have to deal with through your everyday work. Therefor, this international meeting should be of some interest to you and your members. Whereas in the nineteenth century chemistry was regarded a model science, the epitome of technical advances and a source of literary inspiration, over the twentieth century the public image of chemistry became much more ambivalent. How is it that ‘chemical’ has been often equated with unnatural and noxious? The purpose of this conference is to analyse the different images of chemistry through a variety of medias (literature, theatre, movie, cartoons, exhibitions ) and to investigate the consequences of the major events that have affected the public perception of chemistry. The conference will approach the image problems from two perspectives • Chemistry from the outside: how are chemists perceived by the public through literature, movies, museums and exhibitions, pictures and cartoons? • Chemistry from the inside: how do chemists introduce themselves to the public through education, popularising and corporate advertising? The conference will close with a Round Table: Public Debates and Public Relation: Towards an Ethics of Chemistry Hereby attached, you'll find the program and further information can be found on Looking forward to welcome you in Paris, For the organizing committee, Brigitte Van Tiggelen locandine a: e **************************************** SCI-list avvisi ha 2116 iscritti al 25/9/2003. Per ogni problema rivolgetevi al postmaster: Claudio Della Volpe +39(0)461882409