From: Mauro Bonardi Subject: SCI-list Avvisi: Post Doctoral fellow Molecular Imaging Research, Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry To: SCI-LIST@LIST.CINECA.IT Questo messaggio vi giunge dalla Lista di Posta elettronica della Societa' Chimica Italiana, cui risultate iscritti; la lista di posta "SCI-list avvisi" e' dedicata alla spedizione di messaggi ufficiali della SCI e delle sue divisioni o ad avvisi di congressi, seminari, etc.; e' aperta ai soli soci. Per ulteriori informazioni collegatevi alla pagina: *************************************************** Dear colleagues: I am looking for a post-doctoral fellow for a recently funded research project aimed at studying molecular imaging as a tool to determine the response and resistance of breast cancer to treatment with Herceptin. If there is anyone in your group finishing their PhD and interested in this, would you please pass on the advertisement below and ask them to contact me? Thanks a lot. Raymond M. Reilly, PhD Associate Professor Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy University of Toronto E-mail: Post-Doctoral Fellow in Molecular Imaging Research There is an immediate opening for a post-doctoral fellow (PDF) to conduct research aimed at molecular imaging of the response of breast cancer to treatment with trastuzumab (Herceptin®) using monoclonal antibodies or antisense oligodeoxynucleotides. The successful candidate must have completed (or expect to complete by September 2004) a PhD in the pharmaceutical sciences or a related biomedical field. Experience in radiochemistry, cell culture, small animal handling, and in analytical procedures for biomolecules (SDS-PAGE/Western blot, size-exclusion HPLC, RT-PCR, radioligand binding assays and ELISA) is an asset. The Laboratory of Molecular Imaging and Targeted Radiotherapeutics ( is located at the University Health Network, one of Canada's largest teaching and research hospitals affiliated with the University of Toronto. The laboratory will be relocating in the summer of 2005 to the new Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy building, currently under construction. The driving focus of LMIR is the discovery and translation to Phase I clinical trials of novel molecular imaging agents and targeted radiotherapeutics for cancer, with a particular emphasis on breast cancer. The laboratory is well-equipped for radiopharmaceutical research and has access to gamma cameras for small animal imaging, as well as a microPET recently approved by CFI and to be placed in the nearby Medical and Related Sciences (MARS) facility in late 2004. Application has been made to CFI for a microSPECT camera. There are excellent opportunities for interaction with graduate students (two PhD and two MSc), PDF's and research technicians conducting radiopharmaceutical research. LMIR is an integral part of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Toronto and is a member of an Ontario Research and Development Challenge funded Center of Excellence in Breast Cancer Imaging Research. Salary is dependent on experience and will follow NCIC or CIHR scales for PDF's. If interested, please send a letter of application and curriculum vitae to: Raymond M. Reilly, PhD Associate Professor Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy University of Toronto 19 Russell Street Toronto, ON M5S 2S2 E-mail: -- Mauro L. Bonardi, Dr. Industrial Chemistry, Nuclear and Radiochemist Universita' degli Studi di Milano and INFN-Milano Accelerators and Applied Superconductivity Laboratory, LASA via F.lli Cervi 201, I-20090 Segrate, Milano, Italy, Email: Tel: +39 02 503 19575/500 (centr) /17257 (teach) FAX: +39 02 503 19543 **************************************** SCI-list avvisi ha 2116 iscritti al 25/9/2003. Per ogni problema rivolgetevi al postmaster: Claudio Della Volpe +39(0)461882409