From: "Ivano Bertini (by way of Claudio Della Volpe)" Subject: SCI-list avvisi: SAPIO NMR Meeting To: SCI-LIST@LIST.CINECA.IT Questo messaggio vi giunge dalla Lista di Posta elettronica della Societa' Chimica Italiana, cui risultate iscritti; la lista di posta "SCI-list avvisi" e' dedicata alla spedizione di messaggi ufficiali della SCI e delle sue divisioni o ad avvisi di congressi, seminari, etc.; e' aperta ai soli soci. Per ulteriori informazioni collegatevi alla pagina: *************************************************** Dear Colleagues, On June 12th, the Magnetic Resonance Center of the University of Florence organizes a one day symposium entitled «Innovations in Bio-NMR» (see attached Program). The event, which is co-organized by the Italian Discussion Group on Magnetic Resonance (GIDRM), is sponsored by the Company SAPIO and it is part of the “SAPIO Prizes 2004”. The Florence SAPIO NMR Meeting is a tradition established on 1999. Since then, many Scientists of international renown attended the Conference and gave to the SAPIO NMR Meeting in Florence a European dimension. This year we have the pleasure to host L. Frydman (The Weizmann Institute, Israel) and A. Gronenborn (NIH, Bethesda). On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I have the pleaseure of inviting you to attend the Meeting. The Meeting will take place at the Polo Scientifico of the University of Florence. After the Scientific Sessions, all participants and speakers are invited to the banquet, which will take place in San Miniato (Pisa), at Restaurant Collebrunacchi. Forward and backward transportation to the Restaurant will be provided by the Organizers. No registration fee is requested to attend the Meeting (and the Banquet). Everybody is most welcome! For logistic purposes, I am asking you to let us know, as soon as possible, if you are willing to participate at the Meeting and at the Banquet. Please, send us a confirmation of your participation via email. We would appreciate if you could spread the information among your colleagues, co-workers and students, who are all welcome to join us. Looking forward to welcoming you at the SAPIO Meeting. PS. Flanking the SAPIO Meeting, there will be some NMR Discussion Groups. One will be chaired by Prof. Lucio Frydman and will take place on Friday June 11th, starting 9.30 am. Antoher one will be chaired by Dr. Angela Gronenborn and will take place on Tuesday June 15th (or, alternatively, on Monday June 14th). These Meetings are open to the participation of anyone interested from outside CERM. il testo della locandina e' alla pagina: --------------------------------------------------- Prof. Ivano Bertini Magnetic Resonance Center - University of Florence Via L. Sacconi, 6 - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (ITALY) tel no: +39 0554574272 fax no: +39 0554574271 e-mail: bertini@CERM.UNIFI.IT http://www.CERM.UNIFI.IT/bertini.html **************************************** SCI-list avvisi ha 2116 iscritti al 25/9/2003. Per ogni problema rivolgetevi al postmaster: Claudio Della Volpe +39(0)461882409