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From: Mauro Bonardi <mauro.bonardi@MI.INFN.IT>
Organization: Università degli Studi and INFN-Mi
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Subject:      SCI-list Avvisi: Annuncio Simposio di interesse per
              Radiochimici/Chimici Nucleari,
              Americas Nuclear Energy Symposium (ANES 2004)

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The United States Department of Energy and the American Nuclear Society are
pleased to announce the next Americas Nuclear Energy Symposium (ANES 2004),
which will take place Sunday, October 3 through Wednesday, October 6, 2004
at the Deauville Beach Resort in Miami Beach, Florida.  The technical
program is being organized by six ANS divisions: Biology & Medicine,
Environmental Sciences, Fuel Cycle & Waste Management, Isotopes &
Radiation, Operations & Power and Nuclear Installations Safety.  We
anticipate another successful event with the largest number of participants
yet attending from across Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America and the
United States.

The meeting has 5 tracks that are being organized: Power;
Isotopes/Medicine/Agriculture; Environmental Science and Alternative Energy
Sources; Research, Test, and Training Reactors (RTTR); and Safety.
Abstracts are due by April 26, 2004, and should be submitted through the
symposium's web site < >.  Full papers will be
published shortly following the meeting.

Your participation is strongly encouraged.  Set in a pleasant venue, this
is an important meeting for nuclear technology in North and South America.
It represents a chance not only to find out what is going on in our
neighboring countries, but to learn about potential business opportunities
in several growing economies.

Mauro L. Bonardi, Dr. Industrial Chemistry, Nuclear and Radiochemist
Universita' degli Studi di Milano and INFN-Milano
Accelerators and Applied Superconductivity Laboratory, LASA
via F.lli Cervi 201, I-20090 Segrate, Milano, Italy


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