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Subject:      SCI-list Avvisi:ChemSource 2004 Symposia & Masterclasses

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Riceviamo e trasmettiamo per conoscenza ai Soci, da parte del Presidente
della SCI Prof. G. Natile, l'annuncio della seguente iniziativa.

I am organising a symposium and masterclasses on behalf of the
Speciality Chemicals Sector of the (UK) Royal Society of Chemistry at
The RAI in Amsterdam and I am approaching the Societa Chimica Italiana
to ensure that you are aware of what is happening and also with the hope
that you might be able to inform your colleagues of what is taking
I would be delighted if you or any of your fellow countrymen would be
interested in attending our symposia or masterclasses. A brief outline
of events is given below.

ChemSource 2004 Symposia and Masterclasses will take place at The RAI,
Amsterdam on June 23rd - 24th alongside the ChemSource and ChemSpec
Exhibitions. There will be two half-day symposia and four half-day
masterclasses, all focused on Scale Up. Details are as follows:-

June 23rd symposium: 'New Technologies for Scale Up - cleaner, faster,
cheaper' has been designed to update chemists and outsourcing
professionals about recent advances in technologies which allow design
and implementation of efficient and effective manufacturing processes.

June 24th symposium: 'Scale Up - The Challenges - issues, experiences,
solutions'. Throughout the industry individual organisations have
amassed differing experiences in scaling up to production and their
knowledge will benefit scale up chemists and outsourcing professionals.

June 24th masterclasses are on scale up, safety, microreactors and
outsourcing. The masterclasses are part of Continuing Professional
Development of RSC Members.

For further details and online registration visit or
e-mail Ruth Lane on

Ruth Lane
Dr Ruth M Lane
Conference Secretariat
Howell Croft
Cow Lane
Cheshire WA6 8PW
tel: +44 (0) 1928 788071
fax: +44 (0) 1929 788684


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