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Subject:      SCI-list Avvisi: Posizione per un Radiochimico per
              micro-PET-NMRI-Molecular Imaging, USC, California

Questo messaggio vi giunge dalla Lista di Posta elettronica della Societa' Chimica Italiana, cui risultate iscritti; la lista di posta "SCI-list avvisi" e' dedicata alla spedizione di messaggi ufficiali della SCI e delle sue divisioni o ad avvisi di congressi, seminari, etc.; e' aperta ai soli soci.
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The University of Southern California (USC) Molecular Imaging Research
Program has an opening for an experienced individual with interest in
developing molecular probes for imaging in vivo. The successful applicant
will have Ph.D., M.D., or M.D.-Ph.D. degrees with experience in one or more
of the following areas: peptide chemistry, organic synthesis, metal
chelation, bioconjugation, radiolabeling, fluorescence labeling. A high
level of motivation to develop novel lines of investigation and lead
projects is essential. Training and experience in molecular biology,
biochemistry, cell biology, mouse models or related biomedical research
fields are a plus.

The candidate will integrate into a multi disciplinary team focused on the
development of novel compounds for molecular imaging (radionuclear, optical
and magnetic resonance) for a variety of projects active within our NCI
P20-funded network of Molecular Imaging Center investigations, as well as
other NIH and DOD projects.

Current projects utilizing preclinical models are focused on imaging tumor
angiogenesis, metastasis and receptor expression, as well as on developing
methods for image-guided internal radiotherapy, chemotherapy and gene
therapy. Clinical research projects include development of radiotracers and
methods for predicting and monitoring treatment response in patients with
cancer. All projects require creative effort at the interface of molecular
cell biology, biochemistry, chemistry and the in vivo imaging sciences.
While all imaging modalities are available for use, there is an emphasis on
PET, optical  (fluorescence and bioluminescence) and MRI techniques applied
to molecular imaging investigations.

The facilities housed in our Imaging Laboratory include a state-of-the art
PET-CT scanner for clinical and research use, a mid-size PET scanner for
large animal research, a microPET scanner, quantitative autoradiography and
a system for whole-animal and microscopic optical imaging.  There are
extensive radiochemistry and cold chemistry facilities, as well as an
on-site cyclotron.

We offer a competitive salary; generous paid time off per year, tuition
assistance, extensive health/dental/vision/prescription coverage, flexible
medical and dependent care spending accounts, 401K retirement option, and
many other work/life benefits. Appointment will be commensurate with skills
and experience (faculty or post doctoral level).

Interested applicants should send inquiry, curriculum vitae and references

Peter S. Conti, MD, PhD
1510 San Pablo St. #350
Los Angeles CA 90033
or via email to

Mauro L. Bonardi, Dr. Industrial Chemistry, Nuclear and Radiochemist
Universita' degli Studi di Milano and INFN-Milano
Accelerators and Applied Superconductivity Laboratory, LASA
via F.lli Cervi 201, I-20090 Segrate, Milano, Italy, Email:
Tel: +39 02 503 19575 / 500 (centr.)    FAX: +39 02 503 19543


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