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Subject:      SCI-list Avvisi: 17th International Conference on Cyclotrons and
              Their Applications 2004

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Dear Colleagues,

As a member of the worldwide Cyclotron community you are cordially
invited to the 17th International Conference on Cyclotrons and Their
Applications, Cyclotrons 2004, October 18 - 22, 2004 in Tokyo, Japan.

As unanimously selected at the previous meeting in Michigan, USA in
2001, Cyclotrons 2004 will be held in Tokyo with RIKEN as host.
The conference site is National Olympics Memorial Youth Center,
located in Yoyogi, central Tokyo. Details of the venue are available on
the following website:

The focus of this conference will be the same as in previous ones:
1) advances in the science and technology of cyclotrons and related
accelerators and 2) advances leading to more effective applications of
these accelerator systems in other fields.
Topics include:

    - Facilities under construction
    - Operational cyclotrons
    - Projects and proposals
    - FFAG accelerators
    - Ion Sources
    - High Intensity beams
    - Beam dynamics
    - Systems and technology (magnet, rf, etc.)
    - Beam diagnostics
    - Control
    - Beam technology
    - Applications of cyclotrons

The scientific program of the conference is under development based on
the advice of a Program Committee with broad international representation.

Though still under construction, a website for the Cyclotrons 2004 has
been set up at where
up-to-date information will be posted.

A second announcement listing invited speakers, rules for abstracts of
contributed papers, hotel and conference registration forms, etc. will be
sent in March 2004.

Key dates are:

    - Second announcement: March 2004
    - Call for papers: March 2004
    - Deadline for abstracts: April 30, 2004
    - Deadline for early registration: August 31, 2004

If you are interested in receiving future announcements about Cyclotrons
2004 and have not received this e-mail directly from us, please send an
e-mail to
with message
Subscribe cyc2004 name@address

If you do NOT want to receive our forthcoming messages on Cyclotrons 2004,
please send an e-mail to the above address with message
"Unsubscribe cyc2004 name@address".

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference in October 2004.

Yasushige Yano  (Chair, International Organizing Committee)
Akira Goto (Chair, Local Organizing Committee)

Mauro L. Bonardi


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